Notts County’s Playful Response to Taylor Swift Ownership Speculations

Shutterstock // Thomas McAtee

While Taylor Swift has shown interest in the NFL, the recent rumors tied her to an English soccer club, sparking curiosity among fans and the media. However, the club had to set the record straight, and here’s how the story unfolded.

Swift’s Sporting Interests

Swift’s name is not the first celeb name to be joined with soccer club ownerships. Notably, celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have already ventured into soccer club ownership with Wrexham FC.

Notts County, one of the oldest soccer clubs in the world, addressed the speculations with a lighthearted statement. Expressing regret for disappointing Swift’s fanbase, they humorously mentioned a “blank space” in their pre-match playlist, nodding to Swift’s song, and emphasized their commitment to retaining control during an exciting phase for the club.

Playful Photoshop and Good Publicity

In a playful twist, the club shared a hilariously bad photoshopped image of Swift holding a trophy. Check it out below.


Titled “Taylor’s Version,” this move not only added a touch of humor but also garnered positive publicity for the club. The clever play on Swift’s album titles showcased the club’s ability to turn a rumor into a marketing opportunity. Also, Notts County’s social media statement said about the takeover rumors that the club had been forced to “shake it off”!

Oldest Club Dispute

The statement stirred banter about Notts County’s claim to be the oldest soccer club. Sheffield Football Club (not be confused with Sheffield Wednesday or Sheffield United), celebrated its 166th birthday this year and asserted its position as the world’s oldest club. Perhaps Taylor could write a song about the battle for the title of oldest soccer club in the world?