Jim Harbaugh Will Donate His Bonuses to Athletic Department Employees

Jim Harbaugh

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has received a $500,000 bonus after his team defeated Ohio State for the Big Ten East crown. Within 48 hours of receiving the news, he’d already teamed with his wife, Sarah, and the two developed a plan for using the funds.

Jim Harbaugh Will Redirect His Bonus Money to Reimburse Athletic Department Employees Who Had Gone Through a Pay Reduction

Coach Jim Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh announced his plans to funnel the bonus money he gets to the University of Michigan’s Athletic Department on a local radio show. He stated that he would use the money to repay employees who got their wages reduced either voluntarily or involuntarily. In addition, the coach explained how he and his wife Sarah decided to use the bonus money for this season in this way the night before.

Jim Harbaugh and His Wife Sarah Wanted to Contribute to the Lives of the Employees Who Have Had to Go Through Financial Strain

Jim Harbaugh is looking at even more bonuses this season, while many staff members and other employees have had their wages reduced. Harbaugh could earn up to almost $3 million in bonuses, which didn’t seem right in his and his wife’s eyes. According to Harbaugh, folks that work in the University of Michigan Athletic Department have gotten to them like family, and they were just contributing to those who have had financial strain during the last 18 months.

Coach Jim Harbaugh and his wife Sarah

Bonuses that Jim Harbaugh could receive include $1 million for a victory in the Big Ten title game, with the ensuing berth in the College Football Playoff granting him another $500,000. He could also earn $1 million more if the Wolverines win the national title. There is also the likelihood that Harbaugh would collect a $200,000 bonus regardless of what happens in Indianapolis because the Wolverines are set to qualify for one of the New Year’s Six bowls. Furthermore, he stands to earn $125,000 through various national Coach of the Year and Big Ten honors.

Regardless of the exact amount of money Jum Harbaugh would get, he and his wife are set to help their colleagues at the University of Michigan Athletic Department.

Steph Curry Scored 50 Points for the Win Against the Atlanta Hawks

Steph Curry

The Atlanta Hawks broadcaster for the NBC Sports Bay Area had no love for Steph Curry and his fantastic 50-point score. The point guard managed to add 50 points to the score for his Golden State Warriors team against the Atlanta Hawks.

Steph Curry Is Now the First Player to Score 50 Points for This Season

The Golden State Warriors won their game against the Atlanta Hawks 127-113. His teammates and all Warriors fans on Twitter were utterly excited to watch Steph Curry take over the game. Bob Rathbun, who is the Atlanta Hawks play-by-play announcer, was unsurprisingly unhappy with the way Curry reached that milestone.

Steph Curry scoring during the game with the Atlanta Hawks

Steph Curry Scored Some Amazing Shots and Bob Rathbun Was Not Impressed

After Curry swished a 16-footer floater to reach 50 points some four minutes before the end of the game, the Chase Center arena erupted with cheers, while commentator Rathbun sounded genuinely annoyed. He pointed out that it was not such a big deal for Curry to get 50, especially considering that he’s won championships, an MVP, and a Hall of Fame spot. Apparently, scoring 50 points was not something Rathbun considered impressive.

Bob Rathbun and Dominique Wilkins

In defense of Curry, Hall of Fame player and color commentator, Dominique Wilkins, tried to give Rathbun the player’s perspective, but the latter wasn’t having any of it — yelling in response. Despite all that, Curry’s floater came when the game was already decided because the Warriors were already in the lead with a 121-99 score. The two points Curry scored to reach 50 did not prove to be decisive in the end, but that mattered little to the fans.

The win brought the Golden State Warriors an improvement to an NBA-best 9-1 for the season, while Steph Curry gave the basketball world an incredible show that coincidentally ruined Rathbun’s night. According to his coach, Curry was feeling better, and his head was in the right place, which allowed him to punish the young Atlanta Hawks. He scored the first 24 points in the first half and 26 more in the second. The game was observed by a complete crowd of 18,064 at the Chase Center.