The Funniest Sports Celebrations Ever

Many of us can’t really understand the pressure that professional athletes are under so when they score it’s a big weight lifted off their shoulders. Some athletes put real effort into making the audience laugh with their elaborate celebrations. These are the funniest ever sports celebrations.

The Funniest Sports Celebrations Ever

Duck, Duck, Goose

When Minnesota were playing the Bears in October 2017, it was a close game and in the 3rd quarter, the Vikings scored a touchdown. They had waited for over half the game to score and now they could bring out their celebration. Most of the players sat down and crossed their legs while Kyle Rudolph ran around them slapping their heads. It was a moment the crowd would never forget as their heroes brought them back to their childhoods.

Stjarnan FC, Gone Fishin’

Some people feel as though there aren’t enough goals in soccer so when one comes along it’s a moment to rejoice for players and fans. The Icelandic soccer team Stjarnan FC decided to get creative when celebrating their goals and one routine made its way around the world.

After scoring one player got an imaginary fishing rod out while reeling in one of his fellow players. This player wasn’t just walking toward the fisherman though, no, he was flopping around on the ground just like a fish.

The Funniest Sports Celebrations Ever

Hijacking A Golf Cart

Marshawn Lynch decided he needed to bring some fear to the football field during his celebration and decided to hijack one of the golf carts. He then drove it around in circles while looking like he was planning on running a few people over. Of course, he didn’t run anyone over, but he took that golf course and cruised around the field like he was in a lowrider.

Victory Lap

Wade Boggs was part of a Yankees team that ended an 18-year wait for World Series glory, and he definitely celebrated in style. While the rest of his teammates were reveling in their victory, Boggs was parading around the field on the back of a horse. He hadn’t just stolen one, he was on the back of a police horse taking high fives from other officers.

Athletes love to let loose when it’s their time to shine, and it brings us fans moments of pure joy. It just so happens that these athletes had people laughing at them at the same time.