Chad Johnson Risked Divorcing His Wife in Shocking Super Bowl Bet

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You may think you’ve made courageous bets in your life, but we doubt you’ve ever been as courageous as Chad Johnson. The former NFL player was so confident in his Super Bowl expectations, that he bet the things in. his life that he claimed were the most important to him – McDonald’s, and his wife.

The Bet

Chad Johnson is now retired but he used to play for the Cincinnati Bengals. Apparently, his time as an athlete has made him confident in predicting how the 2024 Super Bowl would go. Bleacher Report Betting asked Johnson about his predictions and the former athlete responded, that the Kansas City Chiefs would be victorious. He said, “If the Chiefs lose, I won’t eat McDonald’s anymore. Ever. As a matter of fact, if the Chiefs lose, I’ll divorce my wife. […] That’s how confident I am.” To be fair in regard to his confidence level, there were many theories before the game aired that it was rigged in the Kansas City Chiefs’ favor. The general consensus was that the media wanted that to be the finale in the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce love story.

The Public’s Reaction

Needless to say, the public had strong reactions to the outlandish bet. Rapper Cam’ron publicly said, “He looking for clickbait.” Fellow media personality, Mase, responded, “I could be wrong. But you know you’re not divorcing your wife. I don’t know how much you eat at McDonald’s. […] But I know you’re not divorcing your wife, so you reaching.” Meanwhile, the vast majority of the public simply called 46-year-old Johnson a fool. Really, no one asked him to place such a ridiculous bet! Wouldn’t one’s marriage be considered not worth risking – despite how confident you are?

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We’d like to know what his wife had to say about this bet!