Tom Brady Explains His Emotions Watching Patriots’ Worst Loss of Belichick Era

Tom Brady Explains His Emotions Watching Patriots’ Worst Loss of Belichick Era

In the latest episode of Tom Brady’s podcast Let’s Go!, the quarterback opened up about how he felt while watching the Patriots’ biggest loss under Belichick. Four years after Tom Brady left, the Patriots have now gone into a new era that is strikingly different from their glory days with their future hall-of-fame quarterback.

Comparing the Eras

During Brady’s 18-year tenure with the Patriots, the team never had a record worse than 9-7. In the four seasons since his departure, they’ve posted records of 7-9, 10-7, 8-9, and a challenging 1-3 start in 2023.

The Patriots’ defeat by the Cowboys on Sunday was not only a hard loss on the scoreboard but also a low point in Coach Bill Belichick’s tenure. The 38-3 loss was a tough pill to swallow for Patriots fans.

Tom Brady on NFL Losses

Brady also shared his perspective on losing in the NFL, where he played for 23 seasons. 20 of them he played for the New England Patriots, while for the last three, he was a part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He emphasized how every loss hurts, and when you’re part of a losing team, you don’t care about other teams’ losses. The focus is entirely on your own performance and the disappointment of coming up short.

Brady, now a spectator of the game he once dominated, expressed his frustration at times when he watches games. He admitted that there are moments that make him want to pull his hair out, a testament to the passion he still has for the sport, and his former team.

Looking Ahead

The Patriots’ upcoming game against the Saints is especially important as it might very well put them out of the postseason race.

Looking Ahead

Brady may have moved to the Buccaneers, but a piece of New England remains in his heart, and losses like that suffered by the Cowboys can awaken complex feelings in the quarterback and the fans who cheered him on for almost two decades.

Aaron Rodgers’ Decision to Take a Pay Cut With the Jets

Jets’ Future Brightens as Aaron Rodgers Takes Pay Cut for Team Success

When star quarterback Aaron Rodgers joined the New York Jets, he surprised everyone by agreeing to restructure his contract, taking a whopping $33.7 million pay cut. The 39-year-old athlete saw this decision as a testament to his commitment to the team and its vision for the future. Rodgers shared his thoughts on the decision and shed light on how it will benefit the Jets in the long run.

Rodgers’ Commitment to the Franchise

Rodgers’ Commitment to the Franchise

Prior to the restructuring, Rodgers was set to earn nearly $110 million over the next two seasons. However, he willingly signed a new, fully guaranteed two-year contract worth $75 million. While the pay cut is substantial, Rodgers expressed contentment and confidence in his decision. He understood that in the modern NFL landscape, there are numerous player transactions, trades, and opportunities to bolster the team’s roster throughout the season. By taking a significant pay cut, Rodgers aimed to send a clear message to the organization that he fully supports their vision for the football team. He believes that this move will help the Jets be more agile in acquiring valuable players when opportunities arise. The renegotiated contract allows the Jets to allocate more resources to potential trades and signings.

Eyes on the Prize

Aaron Rodgers is optimistic that the $33.7 million he left on the table will help the Jets secure valuable assets and talent. As the team gears up for the upcoming season, they aim to strengthen their roster and make a deep run in the playoffs. With Rodgers’ willingness to put the team’s success above personal financial gain, the Jets find themselves in a favorable position to be active participants during trade deadlines and capitalize on opportunities that arise throughout the season.