Team Giannis Defeats Team LeBron in the NBA All-Star Game

A legendary win happened in Salt Lake City last February. The Los Angeles Lakers played against the Milwaukee Bucks, losing 175-184 following LeBron James’ injury. This marked a historic victory for Team Giannis, as they became the first team to beat the Lakers since the first season of the NBA All-Star Game in 2018. Find out more about the game here.

Team Giannis vs Team LeBron

Team Giannis Defeats Team LeBron in the NBA All-Star Game

Portland’s Damian Lillard scored the winning 3-pointer, scoring Team Giannis the victory against the Lakers. Some have described the whole game as a 3-pointer paradise for the Bucks. Aside from Lillard, Tatum, and Mitchell scored. In total, the Bucks had 29 3-pointers at the end of the game. Post-game, Lillard commented on his winning 3-pointer, saying he’s been a talented shooter since he was a kid.

Some of the game’s highlights include LeBron James’ dunk early in the first quarter. Later on, the player twisted his right-hand pinkie. That cost him the second half, as the Lakers star was taken out at halftime.

The Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP Award

Jayson Tatum from Team Giannis won the Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP Award. He scored a record 55 points, 27 of which were during the first quarter. Plus, he got ten rebounds, one steal, one block, and many 3-pointers.

Tatum said being given the award was truly special for him. As a huge Koby Bryant fan, he recalled the first time the award was renamed after the legendary basketball player, thinking he had to earn one for himself.

The Kobe Bryant Awad was officially renamed after the legendary player in 2020. Initially, it paid homage to Bryant’s jersey numbers but was redesigned two years later. Presently, it commemorates his lifetime achievements as an NBA legend.

Team Giannis hasn’t stopped winning since defeating the Lakers.