Quarterback Tom Brady Shares the NFL’s Secret About Holding

Tom Brady, long-time quarterback and fan favorite, may or may not be returning to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next season, but that didn’t stop him from dropping a secret for all NFL fans. The organization’s worst-kept secret about holding was in the spotlight recently, and it seems many fans were not surprised.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s Podcast

The secret that NFL thought they kept for so long was recently let out on air in Tom Brady’s podcast Let’s Go. Holding has been in use for a long time, and fans have often wondered if it was just a slip from the ref or something normal. Well, Brady pointed out to his co-host, Jim Gray, that it’s a practice in almost every play. Although that might have been an exaggeration, it certainly makes sense to people.

Tom Brady in play

NFL’s Worst-Kept Secret

He wasn’t afraid to admit that holding is against the rules, and no, it’s not allowed, but yes, it does happen. He goes on to talk about the refs and how difficult their job actually is. They have to think quickly and on their feet, right at the moment, and like everyone else, they can’t catch everything. Sometimes they let things slide because it’s hard to make the right call. But he says it’s another part of the game where people get emotional.

an NFL ball

Fans Were Right to Call ‘Holding’

There are many instances when a fan clearly sees the violation, even on the tiny screen at home, and calls it out. But the ref has a different approach and tells the players to continue the game. Even Tom Brady, who is known for getting calls to go his way, agrees that sometimes when a fan sees such a violation, they’re right, even if the ref doesn’t call it. People have to let things go and enjoy the game for what it is without nitpicking on the details.

NFL fans cheering in the stands

Whether violations are caught and called out or ignored by the refs, the NFL games are still a pass-time favorite for countless fans. Some buy tickets to watch the games live, and others enjoy them on the small screen at home, but it still works up the adrenaline watching your favorite team play!