The Miami Dolphins Throwback Uniforms Could Become Permanent

People know that teams in the NFL have alternate uniforms, and many love those better than the primary uniforms. The Miami Dolphins is one of those teams that has its fans rooting for the embracing of the throwback configuration instead of the current helmets, pants, jerseys the players wear.

Many Miami Dolphins Insiders Also Want the Throwbacks to Become Permanent Uniforms

Miami Dolphins Wearing Their Throwback Uniforms Apparently, this desire to see the throwback uniforms become the permanent attire of the Dolphins is common not just among the fans but among many of the people inside the team. Even so, owner Stephen Ross has not yet given the approval to forgo the uniform overhaul of 2013 and embrace the throwback jerseys.

One of the proponents of the throwback uniforms is Dolphins coach Brian Flores. When asked what he thought about the prospect of the players wearing the uniforms modeled after the original look of the team from 1966, Flores first answered with the stereotypical line that he likes to coach and does not care what the team is wearing. However, the coach eventually came around.

Coach Brian Flores Said He Would Vote for a Return of the Classic Uniforms

Dolphin's Coach Brian Flores During an Interview Pressed further with the matter regarding the beloved throwback uniforms, Flores said that if he had to vote, he would vote in favor of the old uniforms. He also added that if he had to choose between the old and the new, he’d probably pick the old style. The preferences of the coach also seem to be shared by many of the players. Throughout the past few years, Dolphins players have repeatedly voiced their own preference for the throwbacks and embraced the idea of the classic jerseys becoming full-time.

One of the major differences between the uniforms from before 2013 and the ones the team uses now, besides the colors, is the re-designed logo. While the team’s logo was changed several times over the years, it always kept the same general look. However, according to some, the latest logo is way different and looks too big on the uniform. Despite everything, the team has so far opted to stick with the re-design.

Pat Riley Says Lakers Win Comes With ‘Asterisk’

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Lakers made it to the playoffs for the first time since 2010. After taking on Miami Heat in the 2020 NBA Finals, they took the title after beating the team 4-2. However, Pat Riley believes that their win comes with an ‘asterisk.’

Winning the title

There’s no denying that the Los Angeles Lakers deserved every moment of their win, with their dominance before the break, and then again at the NBA playoffs at Disney World. This would be their 17th championship win, tying with the Boston Celtics for the most all-time. LeBron James would also be named Finals MVP for the fourth time in his career. It seemed like a good win all round for the Lakers, but Pat Riley isn’t so sure.

Not at 100%

During an interview with the Miami Herald, Pat Riley was asked what he thought about the six-game Finals loss. He believed the Lakers had beat his team “fairly and squarely” but that there was a caveat to that. He went on to explain that if he’d had Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic at 100 percent, then perhaps things would have panned out a little differently. In fact, he thinks he might have even gone to a seventh game if leading scorer Goran was fighting fit.

Injured Men

Both Adebayo and Dragic found themselves injured in Game 1 of the Finals, with a neck strain keeping Adebayo out until Game 4 and a torn plantar fascia keeping Dragic out until Game 6. Both players didn’t seem to be playing at 100 percent by the time they returned and it’s clear Pat Riley thinks that the outcome may have been pretty different if they had been.

Either way, Riley admits that the Lakers deserved their win. Perhaps Miami Heat can win it next year?