The University of Washington Is Wearing Throwback Jerseys

Fall 2021 marks 30 years since the University of Washington’s football team won a National Championship. Their win back in 1991 included a very specific uniform that has since been changed and modernized by the team. However, Adidas has helped bring back that same design, and the football players will be wearing them to honor the 30th anniversary.

The University of Washington's throwback jerseys The University of Washington Will Wear Throwback Uniforms

The all-white uniforms that the team had previously worn didn’t get much attention, plus, they resembled Penn State a bit too much. When the team went all-black, they were headed in the right direction, but it wasn’t creative enough since many other teams were also going for a blackout moment.

The University of Washington now decided to get a bit of a more classic and historical look with their 1991 throwback jerseys and accessories. They’ll come back for at least one game during the Fall 2021-22 season. These jerseys honor the Huskies and their national championship win after 30 years.

The throwback uniform has block numerals and the classic purple and white colors while also including some shades of gold on the pants. The classic Panting Dawg logo is also making a comeback, but it won’t just be featured on the hip, but also the helmet. Reflective stripes will be featured on the shoulder caps as a way to celebrate the championship homage.

Paying Ode to History

The University of Washington football team as they won the 1991 National Championship.

Even though the throwback jerseys won’t be worn for the whole season, the team will still be making a statement. Jaxson Kirkland, Washington’s team leader, and offensive tackle will be wearing a uniform that is quite similar to the one his dad, Dean Kirkland, wore from 1987 to 1990.

When Kirkland learned about the news, he stated how surreal it was and how fired up he was to put on the uniform. While the University of Washington hasn’t yet announced what game will feature the throwback uniforms, the Adidas Reverse Retro merchandise for the University of Washington will be available for purchase from the public on September 6th, which includes the replica jerseys.

Danish Club Creates A Drive-In For Football Fans Amid The Pandemic

Football fans in Denmark are banned from attending football matches due to restrictions over the new virus that has turned the world upsidedown. The news was devastating because sporting and cultural events are one of the pleasures that Danes, like many Europeans, have had to give up recently. Luckily, the top division club FC Midtjylland has come up with a creative solution inspired by classic drive-in theatres.

They had to think of a clever idea to ensure fans are as close as possible to the action- while also staying at a safe distance from each other, and that’s exactly what they plan do to.

Danish Club Creates A Drive-In For Football Fans Amid The Pandemic

Drive-In Theatre

In order for people to enjoy the experience of watching soccer while staying away from any possible contamination, the club decided to set up two big screens in their stadium park, with up to 2,000 parking spaces available. It will allow 10,000 fans to tune into the TV commentary through their car radio while parked in separate sections. The new arrangement could satisfy up to 60,000 people in total, which is nearly all of the inhabitants of the city of Herning where the club is based.

A Little Something for the Loyal Fans

Live footage of the car-park will be screened inside the Arena to enable players to feel the fans’ presence. Preben Rokkjaer, the club’s marketing director said, “We are working hard to create the best possible experience.”We have a stated goal of creating the best stadium experience. Coronavirus does not change that, it just provides some other preconditions.”

Resuming the Games in Empty Stadiums

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced that the country will soon start lifting restrictions while still implementing social distancing rules. The expected matches, which would begin being played in empty stadiums, are planned to restart on the period of May 21 to May 31. Let’s hope this experience will give the fans a little something cheerful during these troubling times.