Tom Brady Had Another Sideline Tantrum

Tom Brady's team - the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Countless fans follow football closely and never miss a game. All fans have a favorite team, and for many, that team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is a professional football team, for those who might not know. They are based in Tampa, Florida, and compete in the National Football League. Tom Brady is one of their more famous quarterbacks.

The Famous Quarterback’s Tantrums

At 45 years old, Brady is the infamous quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and although he is known for his good game and level head, he has also been known to throw a fit or two every once in a while. For those interested in his current net worth, it’s a whopping $250 million!

Tom Brady Has Another Tantrum

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was in a killer game with the New Orleans Saints, Tom Brady found another reason to throw a baby tantrum from the sidelines. No one was surprised, to say the least. That night, his offense could barely muster a field goal for a good portion of the game, and he sure wasn’t happy. There are even posts on Twitter showing him letting out all his emotions while the team was playing.

Fans Found it Laughable

Fans were not surprised about Brady’s childish fit during the game, as it was not the first time. Some posts should have been deflating to the man, at the least. And while fans were pretending to be sad for him, they sniggered at the tantrum, and many might say it looks like it’s the end of the line for this seven-time Super Bowl winner.

Shot from the Game - New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Although he might be an expert at having tantrums all over the place and creating a good laugh for his fans, Tom Brady might need to get his head back in the game. Fits won’t help his team win more games and won’t make fans respect him more. It seems people aren’t too upset that this might be it for the famous quarterback.

Deion Sanders Thinks Shedeur Should Be a Heisman Trophy Candidate

Everyone wants to see their child succeed and gain recognition for their skills, especially when it’s well deserved. Deion Sanders is a Jackson State football coach. His son, Shedeur Sanders, plays as a quarterback for the Tigers. It’s Deion’s belief that Shedeur should be the top pick for the Heisman Trophy this season, and he already launched a campaign.

Results That Heisman Voters Shouldn’t Ignore

Shedeur Sanders is currently a sophomore. The talented football player is certainly on the Heisman watch list. He’s also a candidate for the Walter Payton Award. Shedeur passed for 1,400 with one interception and 14 touchdowns across four games. Jackson State is ranked number one among HBCU programs and number eight in the FCS coaches poll. Deion Sanders said that those numbers shouldn’t be ignored.

An HBCU Quarterback Has Never Won the Heisman Trophy

Alcorn State’s Steve McNair was the only HBCU quarterback to be invited to New York for the Heisman Trophy ceremony back in 1994. No other HBCU quarterback has managed to reach his numbers. McNair rushed for 936 yards and nine TDs. He was 356-of-612 with 17 interceptions and 47 touchdowns, passing for 5,377 yards. Even with such results, McNair finished third in the Heisman voting. These are the numbers that Shedeur Sanders is trying to chase. His competition is with McNeir and not other Football Bowl Subdivision players.

Deion Sanders Believes in Shedeur’s Qualities

Jackson State doesn’t play against teams in prime time that Heisman voters can see, which is what hurts Sanders’ chances the most. It’s likely that Shedeur won’t have his “Heisman moment.” Even if Jackson State gets to the Celebration Bowl, the game between the champions on ESPN won’t be played until December 17th. This is a week after the Heisman Trophy gets awarded. Deion Sanders remains adamant that this shouldn’t keep Shedeur from his chance at winning the Heisman Trophy. He claims that, when it comes to skills, Shedeur could play at any level.