Tiger Woods Updates Talks About His Post-Injury Rehabilitation


Tiger Woods, the iconic 15-time major champion, shares a positive update on his recovery journey post-ankle surgery.

While his ankle is now in excellent condition, Woods acknowledges ongoing challenges in other areas of his right leg, stemming from the aftermath of a 2021 car crash in which his vehicle flipped over several times.

Navigating Post-Surgery Troubles

Having undergone ankle surgery two weeks after withdrawing from the Masters, Woods addresses the procedure’s success in alleviating arthritis-related issues. The fused ankle shows no signs of trouble, and the once-present pain has vanished. Swing away, Tiger.


Drawing parallels to his prior back surgery, he explains that addressing one issue often prompts compensatory adjustments in surrounding areas, potentially giving rise to unforeseen complications in other areas such as the knees, hips and back. All seemed well at a recent junior tournament in Louisiana, where Woods caddied for his son Charlie for four days.

Looking Ahead

Meanwhile, in an exciting development, Woods has announced his participation in the Jupiter Links GC, a team event in the tech-infused golf league, TGL, co-founded with Rory McIlroy.

While Woods has not disclosed a return to competitive play, his engagement in these events hints at a gradual return to the golfing arena. The upcoming Hero World Challenge and the PNC Championship offer potential opportunities for Woods to showcase his skills and resilience on the course. Fans around the world will wait with bated breath for the all-time great to return to the tee.