Taylor Swift Reveals if She’ll Be at the Super Bowl to Cheer for Travis Kelce

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It’s official – the Kansas City Chiefs will play in the Super Bowl! Of course, that means that tight end Travis Kelce will be there, but what about his pop star girlfriend, Taylor Swift? The pair have been in a very public relationship, and Swift has been at each of Kelce’s games to cheer him on. However, the singer is currently in the middle of her Eras tour, which is taking her around the world. This means that it’s very possible Swift won’t be able to get to the Super Bowl to see Kelce play.

The Complicated Situation

Due to the Eras tour, Swift will be in Japan right before the Super Bowl, and will even have a show the night before the game. After the Super Bowl, the next stop of the pop star’s tour is Australia. As for the game, that’s taking place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 11th. If Swift were to attend she’d have to take a 12-hour flight from Japan to Nevada, followed by a flight from Vegas to Melbourne after the game. It’s worth noting that Swift’s tour was scheduled long before she and Kelce started dating, and before it was clear that he’d play in the Super Bowl, so it’d be understandable if the pop star decided to pass on this event.

Will She Be There?

A representative close to Taylor Swift answered the question everyone’s been asking. They said, “It’s a brutal flight, but she’ll get on her plane right after the concert.” We agree that it’s a tough schedule, but we don’t know if we can call a trip on a private plane “brutal.” That said, we now have our answer – Taylor Swift will be at the Super Bowl to support Travis Kelce! Get ready for endless and unnecessary camera shots of the pop star throughout the game. This also means that, once again, fans of pop music and sports fans will intertwine.

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Now all that’s left to see is whether or not the Kansas City Chiefs win the game.