Per Reports, Sean Payton Will Be Paid $18 Million Annually

Sean Payton is famous for a reason, and everyone who has watched the NFL knows who he is. As a dedicated ex-coach for the Saints, he is now moving forward in his career. As people know, the time has come for the man to make a change in his life, as well as in the life of the Denver Broncos. He has signed on to become the team’s new coach, and he’s getting paid well for it!

Ex-coach for the Saints, Sean Payton.

Payton’s New Salary

The Broncos recently landed a big star as their new coach – Sean Payton. Denver’s new ownership group has offered a handsome salary to land Payton. According to some reports, he will receive about $18 million annually. That’s a big salary, and he is well deserving of it. His contract is for five years, and his salary makes him the second highest-paid coach, right below Bill Belichick, the coach for the Patriots, reportedly making $20 million a year.

Patriots coach, Bill Belichick

The Decision to Hire Sean Payton

The decision to hire Payton was not easy, at least not when it came to the money. Ownership for the Denver Broncos knew they had to put up a handsome annual salary to get such a famous coach for their team. Rob Walton and Greg Panner, the new owners of the Broncos, made their first big move in their leadership roles by deciding to hire Payton. They come from the Walmart fortune and knew they were committing to significant money between Payton and quarterback Russel Wilson. But they had to show commitment to shoot the team upward in the ranks.

Denver Broncos

Ownership’s Serious Commitment

Walton and Panner knew that a five-year contract with Patyon was a serious move, and they had to commit. That meant putting up a substantial amount for the new coach’s salary and keeping up with it for the near future. The team, which they bought for a whopping $4.65 billion last summer, needed a fresher output from this legendary coach, and they needed the big move.

For all of the fans – heads up – there’s a new coach in town! Sean Payton will take over the Denver Broncos, and changes will probably soon be apparent. Known as a fantastic coach, Payton is getting ready to take on the responsibility of shaping up his new team!