Peyton Manning Leads The NFL Hall Of Fame 2021 Class

Peyton Manning will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. The Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos legend looks set to continue his storied career as he leads the NFL Hall of Fame 2021 class.

Peyton Manning Leads The NFL Hall Of Fame 2021 Class

A Guaranteed Spot?

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced its nominees for modern-era players recently, and Peyton Manning looks like being the first name on the ballot for most. The quarterback is regarded as an all-time great, winning two Super Bowls, once with the Colts and the other with the Broncos.

This is Manning’s first year of eligibility, and there doesn’t seem to be any doubts about his place among the greats.

To be considered for election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a player cannot have participated as an active member for at least five consecutive seasons. Amazingly, it has already been that long since we last saw Manning do his thing on the gridiron.

Peyton Manning Leads The NFL Hall Of Fame 2021 Class

Hall Of Fame Candidates

There is a fresh batch of first-year eligibles for the 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Manning is the only quarterback on the list. Other notable players in consideration for the class of 2021 include nine-time Pro Bowler and former Super Bowl champ, Charles Woodson. There is also the six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, among those eligible, while sack artist Jared Allen is also on the list.

While Manning probably heads straight into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility, some are still waiting their turn. Former NFL stars like Drew Bledsoe, Jamal Lewis, Hines Ward, and Joey Porter are all hoping to join the class of 2021.

There are 130 modern-era Pro Football Hall of Fame candidates, these will be reduced to 25 finalists in November, before shrinking to 15 finalists in January. The new class of 2021 will be announced the night before Super Bowl LV.

Tiger Woods Could Still Have a Shot at Olympic Gold Medal

Tiger Woods is one of the biggest names in golf, and while he has been able to receive some seriously impressive accolades over the years, one achievement that has always slipped out of his fingers has been an Olympic gold medal. While it seemed as though his chances of achieving this goal had passed him back, a new decision from the International Golf Federation means that it could still be on the cards.

Tiger Woods Could Still Have a Shot at Olympic Gold Medal

An Impressive Career

Everyone knows who Tiger Woods is, right? This man has been in the limelight for a huge portion of his career, and much of that time has seen him dominate the competition to become one of the most successful golfers in the US and across the pond. At the moment, he’s ranked as America’s number seven golfer – and while that’s pretty impressive, it wasn’t enough to allow him the chance to compete at what would have been the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Tiger Woods Could Still Have a Shot at Olympic Gold Medal

A Second Chance

However, in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Tokyo Olympics has been postponed until 2021. This opens up a huge opportunity for Tiger Woods, as he now has the chance to step up his game and make his way into the top four in the country. Only those four names can qualify to compete at the Olympics, and there are countless events due to take place between now and the extended qualifying deadline of June 2021 that could see him do that. Although this pandemic has caused devastation across the world, it’s also given Tiger – and other golfers who also thought that they had missed out on an Olympic shot — another chance to succeed.

So, watch this space. If the upcoming golf events do take place, we could see Tiger in Tokyo after all. This would be a dream come true for the talented sportsman.