NFL Players Are Embracing the Home Workouts

The NFL has been directly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and there’s no doubt about the fact that the future of this league has been the subject over many questions over the past few weeks. Many have wondered whether the season would be canceled altogether, and many have questioned whether it’s safe for any of the teams to return to the field. In light of this, many NFL players are embracing home workouts instead of hitting the communal gyms.

Extending The Offseason

In a move that has never been seen before, the NFL decided to extend the virtual offseason for this year. With the situation set to be revisited at the end of May, it’s not known what will happen next for the NFL – but that isn’t stopping some of the players from keeping up their fitness routines. They want to be raring to go when the season opens up again, and keeping fit is keeping their bodies and their minds healthy during this strange time.

Working With It

Of course, it’s not possible for these players to head to their usual training facilities, so they’re having to work with what they’ve got. While many can head to the gyms that they have within their mega-mansions, there are others who are venturing out into their backyard, and there are even those that are making use of public fields and parks to practice their throws with other NFL players. When doing this, they make sure to keep their distance.

Training Together

The likes of Ryan Tannehill and Jonnu Smith have been heading to these local parks to keep up their fitness levels, and we’ve even seen team rivals like Auden Tate, Tyree St. Louis, and Ray-Ray McLoud put their different teams aside to ensure that they are keeping fit. This just goes to show that they’re truly proud of their sport.

It’s great to see these guys ready to go and embracing the home workouts!