KSI’s Team Responds After Decision Is Finally Made About ‘Judging Error’ in Tommy Fury Fight

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The dust may have settled in the boxing ring, but the controversy surrounding KSI’s recent match against Tommy Fury continues. The initial upset surfaced when Fury secured a victory on points, prompting KSI to label it a ‘robbery’ and express his intent to appeal.

Despite a decision being reached on December 1, KSI’s team remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice.

The Unforgettable Night in Manchester

The highly anticipated fight between the two British fighters took place on October 14 at Manchester’s AO Arena. The evenly matched fight left the spectators divided on who should be called the real winner, setting the stage for a post-fight drama in the boxing world.

Two of the judges favored Fury with a score of 57-56, while the third judge, Rafael Ramos, initially scored it a draw at 57-57. However, an unnoticed error on Ramos’ scorecard was later corrected, officially making it 57-56 in favor of Fury. This adjustment meant Fury should have technically won by unanimous decision.

KSI’s Outrage and the Appeal

In the aftermath, KSI expressed his frustration, deeming the result a ‘robbery’ and emphasizing instances where he believed the referee overlooked fouls committed by Fury. Despite these grievances, an initial appeal by KSI’s team proved unsuccessful, as an independent review panel found no grounds to overturn the fight’s result.

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Contrary to expectations, KSI’s team, led by manager and Misfits Boxing chief Mams Taylor, refused to accept defeat. Moving to the second stage of the appeal, the team is determined to overturn what they think is an unjust decision. While KSI and his team press on, only time will reveal the outcome of this post-match drama, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.