40+ Iconic Athletes Who Cheated on Their Wives Publicly and Were Forgiven

Athletes Who Cheated

Famous athletes seem to be known for one thing. You’d think it’s their prowess on the field or the pitch, but it’s actually their prowess in the bedroom. They can’t seem to stay faithful when it comes to love. From LeBron James to David Beckham, we’ve compiled a list of the most iconic athletes that cheated on their wives publicly and were forgiven.

A-Rod Off His A-Game

Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, played for three different teams in the MLB. But, it seems that somewhere along the way, he forgot what teamwork means — at least in regards to his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. In fact, the athlete was accused of cheating on her several times during the span of their relationship.

Refinery29 // James Devaney

The most recent accusation was with Madison LeCroy from the Bravo TV show, Southern Charm. And while JLo, A-Rod, and Madison all refuse to confirm the affair, whatever happened was bad enough to cause a split and send JLo back to Ben Affleck.

Cromartie vs. Cason

Antonio Cromartie from the New York Jets has had a rocky relationship with model Terricka Cason. At one point, she took it so far as to threaten self-harm, causing Cromartie to call the police, who found her taking a nap with her kids.

Instagram // @iluvterricka

She said she did it to get attention from Cromartie, who had been cheating on her with other women. Whatever her reasoning, self-harm is never something to lie about. They worked it out and are still together, though.

Accusations Out of Left Field

Avisail Garcia has played baseball for four different MLB teams, one of which was the Detroit Tigers, where he played with teammate Prince Fielder. When people wondered why Fielder had been playing badly, it was revealed that Garcia had slept with his wife.

Abtc // McLord Selasi

Garcia was also married. Infidelity is already bad, but injecting yourself into your teammate’s marriage makes it even worse. Garcia’s wife forgave him and they’re still together, but we doubt she’ll ever forget. Neither will Prince Fielder.

Marshall and the Special House

NFL player Brandon Marshall wasn’t simply caught cheating on his wife. He was part of a much bigger, more serious scandal. He and another player owned a house that they used to cheat away from the prying eyes of the media.

People // Project 375

They only got caught because of a shooting in front of the house after a burglary. Surely his wife, Michi Nogami, wasn’t happy — but despite their tumultuous relationship, they’re still married today. Hopefully, they sold that horrible house.