Buffalo Bills Player Damar Hamlin Resumes Recovery Back Home

NFL player Damar Hamlin will continue his recovery back home in a Buffalo hospital. He was recently released from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center after suffering a major cardiac arrest on the field. The Buffalo Bills safety tweeted that he will continue his treatment in the Buffalo General Medical Center. Doctors are optimistic about his complete recovery.

Damar Hamlin Suffers Cardiac Arrest

Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Jan 3. On Jan 3rd, 2023, the Buffalo Bills played versus the Cincinnati Bengals. What started as a seemingly casual game turned into a real drama when Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field. It happened during the first quarter of the game. The NFL player was given medical treatment for close to 20 minutes before being taken to the hospital. Fans got to watch the whole thing, as the game was nationally televised.

Doctors remain uncertain about what actually caused the accident. That’s why the player still undergoes a variety of tests to determine the reason. What they remain unwavering about is discussing his future on the football field. It’s too early to make any dramatic suggestions about whether or not he’ll be able to play again.

Hamlin’s Condition Improves

Damar Hamlin Doctors who treated Damar Hamlin got his condition under control, and now he’s in fair or good condition. That’s why he got the green light to fly home from Cincinnati to Buffalo, where, as mentioned earlier, he’ll continue his recovery.

The player achieved a number of key milestones, including tolerating a regular diet and walking in the intensive care unit with assistance from doctors and nurses. He also had his breathing tube removed on Friday. Doctors say he’s walking normally but remains weak. Also, his brain and neurologic functions are normal.

Damar Hamlin has been active on social media, expressing his gratitude for the support he’s received from fellow players and fans.

A Close Look Inside the Eagles’ Process of Collecting & Trading Picks

During the process of trying to wriggle the Titan’s receiver free from the team (that drafted him in 2019), the Eagles cognoscenti gathered in GM Howie Roseman’s office to take a closer look.

The Eagles Post Game Live crew from NBC Sports Philadelphia. From Left: Michael Barkann, Barrett Brooks, Ray Didinger and Seth Joyner.
A Close Look Inside the Eagles’ Process of Collecting & Trading Picks

How the Eagles’ Reboot Has Gone So Far

One thing is clear, Nick Sirianni and GM Howie Roseman working together to pull every lever to keep the team competitive as the roster goes through a pretty thorough retool. The Eagles’ management truly acknowledges that building in the NFL doesn’t have an endpoint, where they gradually come upon answers and eventually get to the point where they have them all.

Here’s what the finished draft looks like for the Eagles:

  • A look at some insight and draft trends into the thinking of a bunch of teams.
  • An overview of how the Panthers plan to address two critical spots mapped out.
  • A tie that binds the two players the Lions took big swings on Friday night.
  • A discussion on how the Jets managed to get 4 of the top 20 players on their board.

The Birth of a Mess in Philadelphia

GM Howie Roseman
A Close Look Inside the Eagles’ Process of Collecting & Trading Picks

15 months ago, the Philly team finished 4-11-1. The Eagles had separated with the only coach to win a Super Bowl and the roster was aging in key spots. On top of that, the franchise QB wanted out and the hire of Sirianni wasn’t well received.

The result was that coming out of it all, Howie Roseman had two key assets with which to work; one was the sixth pick in the draft, earned with that 2020 record, and the other was Carson Wentz.

With those two assets, the Eagles saw an opportunity to attack the developing market inefficiency and they started dealing mid-rounders away for established veterans. So, Sirianni’s first season started and the Eagles surprised everyone and ripped off 7 wins in their final 10 games to rally from a 2-5 start to make the playoffs.

Not Hogging the Veteran Market in 2022

A.J. Brown
A Close Look Inside the Eagles’ Process of Collecting & Trading Picks

After their success, it only seemed natural for the Eagles to hog the veteran market in 2022 but they didn’t. Instead, they focused on the Brown trade and its connection to deals for Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill earlier in the offseason, mostly because there was a blockbuster contract attached to it.

The trade itself was more tied to the flexibility the Eagles created for themselves by building the aforementioned draft haul in an environment where picks were coming cheaper than ever.